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  1. / Nov 18 2014
    I am 5'2 about 105 lbs - I ordered XXS petite and this dress fit me like a dream. It was just the right amount of drape and the length was about 2" above my knee. I live on the East coast so I plan on wearing with a turtleneck underneath and tights and tall boots because the fabric was thinner than I was expecting however it will also work well in fall and spring so I was willing to overlook the thinness of the fabric. The print on top is very lovely and has nice bright colors. Overall I am very pleased with this dress and I can't wait to wear it!
  2. / Nov 22 2014
    Can't wait to wear
    Usually swing dresses don't work on me, but this one looked amazing. Like the previous reviewer said, the only drawback is that the material is a bit thin, but it should be fine for fall and spring. Love the bright colors on top, with the grey muting it below. Plan on wearing it with boots like in the picture. And in the cold months, tights, and layering a tank or t-shirt underneath.
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A shift dress is a must have for any woman. Our beautiful assortment come in all different styles but still keeps in mind the classic shift silhouette. Maybe try a shift with a bit more movement or instead try out a more structured dress. With brands like Kachel, Maeve, The Addison Story, and Tracy Reese, you can?t go wrong. Wear one of our shifts to a cocktail party or wear one of our more casual shifts to the beach on a warm summer day. We carry dazzling printed shifts that are perfect for the summer sun or to brighten up a dark winter. We also have more neutral tones if you?re searching for a more natural look. With styles such as pleated, patterned, embroidered, and eyelet, we have a shift for every woman.
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