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  1. / Oct 21 2014
    Great statement headband!
    I really liked this headband. Super comfortable and it stays in place unlike most headbands with the elastic, which usually ride up and fall off in the middle of the day. I didn't end up getting it, because I wanted something with fewer stones. I got the Baroque headband instead, but this one is lovely. The stones are bright crystal white and there's a lot of them...not too overwhelming, but I was looking for a more subtle look.
  2. / Sep 13 2014
    Cute and comfy
    I bought this headband to wear for my birthday, which will be at a jazz club. I was worried that it wouldn't be comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised. Also, it worked well with my bangs, which I was also worried about. Aside from the event, I plan on wearing it with a casual jeans and tee outfit for a more casual look. I think it will be very versatile.
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  1. / Oct 21 2014
    So beautiful!!
    Wonderful headband!! The stones are so elegant and slightly off white so it has an antique look to it that I just love. The turquoise beading makes it so unique compared to other stores. Looks really expensive too. It's really well made, but note of caution...the ends can be a bit sharp. I picked mine up in the store and a few of the headbands had ends were a little too sharp, but I found one that had a smooth finish. Overall I love love love this headband and can't wait to wear it!!
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